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Court Says Market Research Analyst is a H-1B Position

The US District Court at Seattle recently in Raj and Company v USCIS ruled that the position of a Market Research Analyst satisfies the requirement of specific specialty, and therefore qualifies as an H-1B position.

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H-1B Attorney Fees and Related Expenses

In our previous post we addressed the subject of who can pay for Perm applications. It was fairly straight forward. Now we will take a look at who is to pay for H-1B attorney fee and related expenses, which is not as straight forward as Perm applications.

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International Traveling for F-1 Student During Cap-Gap Extension

The H-1B filing has begun on April 1st this year. For those F-1 students who successfully filed H-1B petitions and were accepted in the lottery, they are eligible for cap-gap extension coverage. If a student's F-1 status is to expire before October 1st, the cap-gap coverage automatically extends F-1 status and employment authorization for F-1 […]

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Degree awarded late for Filing H-1B

Every year a lot of F-1 students graduate from colleges. They want to change their status from F-1 to H-1B through H-1B petitions. They will need to prove that they have earned the necessary degrees from a U.S. higher education institution in order for them to qualify as a H-1B candidate. Given that H-1B quota […]

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Get LCA Ready before April 1st for H-1B Petition

In recent years every year the quota of H-1B runs out for the fiscal, some earlier, some later. In 2007, the H-1B quota was all gone on 04/01/2007, the first day that USCIS started to accept applications. Last year, the H-1B quota ran out in June of 2012. With the economy picking up, the quota […]

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