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Rights of Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) at Ports of Entry

Green Card Holder

If you are a lawful Permanent Residents (green card holders) that travel outside of the United States and wish to return, you have certain rights at the point of entry, including the right to a hearing before an immigration judge before you can be stripped of permanent resident status. 

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Filing I-751 before divorce finalizes

If you obtained your permanent residence status (green card) from marrying to a U.S. citizen, and if at the time the marriage is less than 2 years, your first receive a “conditional” green card which is valid for only two years.  In order to receive a permanent green card, you will need to file a […]

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Green Card Six-Month Frequent Fliers

Green card six-month fliers refer to lawful permanent residents (LPRs) who leave the United States for long periods of time, but yet return to the US every six months. A common concern of the LRPs is whether that would constitute abandonment of green card in the eye of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”). If […]

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Green Card Holder Absent More Than A Year

A permanent resident (called lawful permanent resident or LPR) or conditional resident (CR) who has remained outside the U.S. for longer than one year, or beyond the validity period of a Re-entry Permit, will require a new immigrant visa to enter the U.S. and resume permanent residence. A provision exists under U.S. visa law for […]

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