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EB-5 Economic Methodologies in Hotel and Resort Development

The USCIS hosted a public engagement in June 2012 and had two economists who work on the EB-5 Investment Immigration program in the meeting.  The USCIS provides clarification to two of the primary points mentioned in the meeting.

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EB-2 for Entrepreneur

In this economy, many individuals will want to establish his or her own business and becomes an entrepreneur. Can entrepreneurs be benefited with employment-based secondary visa category (EB-2) to obtain a green card? In accordance with Immigration Regulations, employment-based second preference visa category (EB-2) refers to:

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Entrepreneurs can apply for H-1B Visa

Pursuant to a White House-led initiative to reduce barriers and accelerate growth for America’s job-creating entrepreneurs, the USCIS announced its policy to allow entrepreneurs to apply for H-1B visa when they have an ownership stake in their own companies, including sole employees. This can be a significant change from the current practice.

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Entrepreneurs and National Interest Waiver

The USCIS announced its initiatives to entrepreneurs in its 08/02/2011 accouchement to encourage entrepreneurs to take advantage off the National Interest Waiver program to apply for green card and to grow the U.S. economy and create U.S. jobs. The questions and answers in regard to entrepreneurs and national interest waiver are discussed below:

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Entrepreneurs and the Employment-Based Second Preference EB-2

In the interest to help the economy and investment in the United States, the USCIS in August 2011 published its new policy on the subject of entrepreneurs and the green card petition under the category of EB-2. Below are questions and answers on this subject.

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