U    Visa for Victims of Criminal Activities

U Visa


What is U Visa?

U Visa is for Victims of criminal activity such as rape, torture, domestic abuse, sexual assault, prostitution, kidnapping, blackmail, false imprisonment or manslaughter.

Who are Eligible for U Visa?

  • Victims of a qualifying crime as listed in INA Section 101(a)(15)(U); and
  • Who Suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim of the crime; and
  • Who possess information concerning the crime; and
  • Who have been or are likely to be helpful to authorities in the investigation or prosecution of the crime, where certification from official is required; and
  • The underlying crime occurred in the U.S. or violated U.S. laws.

What are the Benefits of Applying for U Visa?

  • If U visa application is granted, the applicant is eligible to apply for EAD card to work in the US.
  • A U visa holder can apply for adjustment of status after 3 years of the approval of U visa and obtain Legal Permanent Residence Status (green card).
  • There are 10,000 U visas available per year for qualifying applicants to apply.
  • Family members of U visa holders may qualify for status if they can show extreme hardship.
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