EB-1C  Multinational Executives and Managers

Employment Based Immigration – First Preference, Section C (EB-1C)


Multinational Executives and Managers 

What is EB-1C?

EB-1C is an immigration visa in INA 203(b)(1)(C). The beneficiary of an approved immigration visa petition is entitled to obtain permanent residence (green card) status of United States. EB-1C refers to the category of Multinational (or International) Executives and Managers.

Benefit of EB-1C:

• No labor certification required; and
• EB-1 petition is generally faster than other categories of employment immigration because it does not require labor certification and also fewer cases are filed in this category.

Who can apply for EB-1C?

Multinational Executives and Managers may seek to enter the U.S. via EB-1C to continue to render services to the same employer or to a subsidiary or affiliate thereof in a capacity that is managerial or executive.

The qualifications of Multinational Executives and Managers are:

• The beneficiary must be in an executive or manager capacity taking into account the reasonable needs of the organization, component or function in light of the overall purpose and state of development of the U.S. employer;
• The beneficiary must have been employed for at least 1 year out of the past three years with a firm, corporation or other foreign legal entity being the affiliate or subsidiary of the U.S. employer;
• The U.S. employer has been doing business for more than one year;
• Both the U.S. employer and its foreign affiliate or subsidiary legal entity must be actively conducting substantial business.

How to apply for EB-1C?

The application should be filed using form I-140 with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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