Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status


What is Adjustment of Status?

Adjustment of Status is a procedure which adjusts (changes) an alien’s non-immigrant status into a immigrant status in the U.S. and so an approved adjustment of status applications gives the alien the new status of permanent residence (green card).

Benefits of Adjustment of Status:

• While waiting for the approval of Adjustment of Status, the applicant’s status is considered legal under the U.S. immigation law.
• Ajustment of Status applicant may apply for an employment authorization card (EAD) to work while the Adjustment of Status application is pending;
• Adjustment of Status application may be submitted concurrently with family and employment based immigration visa petitons if the visa category is current at the time. This potentially can save substantial processing time to receive permanent resident (green card) status.

Requirements of Adjustment of Status application?

• The applicant is physically in the United States;
• The immigration visa category sought for is immediately available at the time of filing;
• The applicant must pass medical and security clearance;
• The applicant must be present in the US lawfully, except for immediate relatives of US citizens, battered spouses and children, and special immigrants under INA section 101(a)(27)(H).

How to apply for Adjustment of Status?

The Adjustment of Status application should be filed using form I-485 with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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