Permanent Residentcy (Green Card)


What is Permanent Resident (Green Card)?

Permanent resident confers on foreign nationals the right to live and work in the United States without time limitations.

Ways to Obtain Permanent Residency:

Although there are other methods to obtain permanent residence, e.g., diversity program, in general there are two main channels to apply for U.S. Permanent Residency: Employment-Based Immigration and Family-Based Immigration. The categories in employment-based immigration are:

Catogory Description
EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Worker
EB-1B Outstanding Professors and Managers
EB-1C Multinational Executives and Managers
EB-2 Workers with Exceptional Ability and Advanced Degree
EB-2 with NIV EB-2 Workers with Natinal Interest Waiver
EB-3 Professional, Skilled and Unskilled Worker
EB-4 Special Immigrants
EB-5 Investment Immigration

The categories in family-based immigration are:

Catogory Description
FB-IR Immediate Relatives of US Citizen
FB-1 Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizen
FB-2A Spouse and Unmarried Children of Permanent Resident
FB-2B Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Resident
FB-3 Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizen
FB-4 Brothers and Sisters of US Citizen/td>

In addition to above ways to apply for green card, people who qualify as Asylum or Refugee may also apply for US permanent residency.

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