Employment Authorization Self Check

For immigrants and non-immigrants who are authorized to work, when you look for a job your next employer may use E-Verify to make sure that you are legally authorized for employment. How do we know that the government system is up to date of the employment information? Now we can use Self Check to make sure information is up to date.

Self Check is a free system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). You can use the system to confirm work eligibility. Nearly 150,000 people nationwide have already used Self Check. The program is also available in Spanish.

There are four steps in Self Check:

  1. Input your name, address and date of birth.
  2. Complete the short quiz that will confirm your identity. (This makes sure only you can access Self Check. DHS won’t know the questions you’re asked or the answers you give.)
  3. Enter your Social Security Number, an Alien Registration Number or I-94 number, or other document number.
  4. Get your results. The results page will either tell you that you’re employment authorized (your records are in order) or that a mismatch occurred. If there is a mismatch you can learn how to correct your records before your employer checks your information in E-Verify.
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