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About UsUS Immigration Visa Center


U.S. Immigration Visa Center (USIVC) is dedicated to provide the most updated and accurate U.S.  immigration information. We provide immigrant and non-immigrant visa information as well as articles/postings to discuss details and recent developments. Our website is designed to provide useful information and guidance in order to:

  1. Help non-immigrants obtain visas to come to the United States;
  2. Help Aliens obtain legal permanent resident status through family, employment and other channels;
  3. Help legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) obtain U.S. citizenship; and
  4. Help U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to apply for their family members to unite in the United States.

We are an independant organization and not a U.S. governement agency, nor are we affiliated with the U.S. government.  Any information provided by the U.S. Immigration Visa Center is for information purpose only.  If there is a legal question, an licensed attorney should be consulted instead of relying on the information on this website.  Please read our disclaimer.

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