“New Office” L-1A Petition Start and End Dates

In the situation of a ‘New Office’ in L-1A petitions, the beneficiary manager’s start and end dates are often disadvantaged because of processing time of the petitions and visa applications.

In a ”New Office” L-1A petition, the authorized time to stay in the U.S. is generally one year only.  When the petitioner puts start and end dates in the I-129 form, the dates are limited by the one-year rule for the “New Office” situation.

The not-so-long one year authorized stay can be further shortened because of the delay caused by USCIS’ processing time of the L-1A petition and may be further shortened by the manager’s visa application at a U.S consulate office.  So the actual authorized stay for a “New Office” L-1A petition can be much shorter than the allowed one year.

To alleviate this problem, the Vermont Service Center (VSC) has confirmed that they will accept an I-129 L-1A petition for a “New Office” company by filling in the form I-129 with the following employment validity dates:

From: “Date of Approval”
To: “One year from date of approval”

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