Fiance and Marriage Visas

Fiance & Marriage Visas

Fiance & Marriage Visas Obtain a visa and stay with your spouse in the U.S. You're engaged or married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and all you want is the right to be together in the U.S. Should be easy, right? It's not. Information can be hard to find, the government bureaucracy isn't helpful, delays are inevitable. Worst of all, there hasn't been an easy-to-use guide through the process -- until now. Fiance & Marriage Visas makes obtaining a visa and green card as painless as possible. It helps you make sure you're truly eligible and decide the fastest and best application strategy -- whether you're married or unmarried, living in the U.S. or overseas.


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An excellent resource for people who are trying to wind their way through the immigration service's Byzantine rules and regulations
~ Mark Silverman, Immigrant Legal Resource Center
This was great! It got my wife here with no problems and no lawyer.
~ T.C., Sacramento, CA
It waters down the legalese without removing the essential important things one needs to know.
~ M., San Antonio, TX

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