EB-1B  Outstanding Professors and Researchers

Employment Based Immigration – First Preference, Section B (EB-1B)


Outstanding Professors and Researchers


What is EB-1B?

EB-1B is an immigration visa in INA 203(b)(1)(B). The beneficiary of an approved immigration visa petition is entitled to obtain permanent residence (green card) status of United States. EB-1B refers to the category of outstanding professors and researchers.

Benefit of EB-1B:

• No labor certification required; and
• EB-1 petition is generally faster than other categories of employment immigration because it does not require labor certification and also fewer cases are filed in this category.

Who can apply for EB-1B?

Persons may seek to come to the U.S. via EB-1B to:
• Teach a tenure-track teaching position in his or her field;
• Conduct research in a tenure-track research position in his or her field;
• Conduct research at a university or institute of higher education;
• Conduct research with a private employer and that employer employs at least three full-time persons in research positions and has achieved documented accomplishments in the field.

How to establish outstanding professors and researchers?

outstanding professors and researchers must present evidence in at least two of the following:

• Receipt of major prizes or awards for outstanding achievement;
• Owning memberships in associations which require outstanding achievement;
• Material published about the person’s work in professional or major publications by others in the field;
• Participation in a panel or as an individual performing as a judge of the work others in the same or an allied field of specialization;
• Evidence of original scientific research;
• Authorship of scholarly books and/or articles in the field. 

How to apply for EB-1B?

The application should be filed using form I-140 with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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